Monday, October 29, 2012

If a Student Is On a Pell Grant At College and Cheats On A Test, It Ought to Be a Felony

In the summer of 2012 it was revealed that a major Ivy League school, one well known to all, caught some 125 kids cheating on a final exam. Well, this ought to highly upset the taxpayers, as many of those kids are on Pell Grants, or had taken out student loans which are partially guaranteed by the citizens. Further the kids going to Harvard, where this occurred in the class titled; "Introduction to Congress" no less, will perhaps grow up to be important leaders of our civilization and society. So, that's a very scary thought.
One thing which bothers me immensely is that more people are not upset with this, why I ask? Well, perhaps because they all cheated in college too, so, it's customary in their minds I suppose. Maybe it is, but if a kid is on a Federal Scholarship and is caught cheating then that in essence is defrauding the taxpayer, stealing money from you and I as we own the government's debt. So, shouldn't that be a felony? And even if it is a low-level felony, at least it will be fully documented that they are cheaters.
Some say it isn't fair to brand people for life, that we are a society of forgiveness. Yes, maybe so, but any student caught cheating while on a Pell Grant should at minimum owe that money back immediately and be thrown out of school, and their place given to a more deserving soul, who might really need some help and deserves the slot. See that point?
If a student is on a guaranteed student loan, it should be required they pay in full immediately after caught cheating. If they cannot pay, they should be thrown out of school and denied any more loans, or government services for life until paid. If their parents co-signed that loan, we should confiscate their property. Harsh yes, but you know what; we need justice. It is not right that kids are cheating and using our money to do it. Some say it's not the parent's fault. Bull, I say, sure it is, they raised the kids to become cheaters, why should we have to pay?
Worse, if these kids going to Ivy League schools making all the right friends in high places, they will be running corporations, and involved in high level government then why should we have to pay twice when they cheat in the future, when we could have stopped things back then? Please consider all this and think on it.

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